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Whistleblower portal for anonymous reporting of violations of the law

With our vision of making brand experiences tangible - all over the world - we want to be in line with all laws and regulations. In order to meet this requirement even better, we have set up a whistleblower portal for anonymous reporting of violations of the law. The sender of such a message is and remains absolutely anonymous for as long as he or she wishes.

With your report you can help us to identify any need for optimization with regard to legal requirements. If you notice a behavior or process that suggests that we have violated legal regulations, you can inform us of your observation and assessment anonymously. This includes the following categories in particular:

Labor and social standards

Violations of exceeding the statutory working hours, for example, can be reported from this area.

Data protection and IT security

This category includes, for example, the disclosure of subscriber data to an unauthorized person or the risk of such disclosure.


This includes, for example, statements in a collegial environment that lead to mental strain and stress on an employee.

Event safety

Report your perception of an event that addresses safety-related issues or conscious hazards that you personally notice.

Health and safety at work

Violations of health protection at work can be reported from this area, for example.

Corruption and financial gain

This concerns violations of, for example, the Money Laundering Act or tax or non-profit law or personal gain.

Other Violations of Law

This category is used for cases in which an observed behavior or an incident cannot be assigned to one or more of the above categories or there is uncertainty as to a clear assignment.


In this video you can take a closer look at the easy handling of the tool:

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Did you notice something?

If you want to report the suspicion of a violation of legal requirements anonymously, you can access the whistleblower portal here.

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